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1969 Camaro SS Baby Gender Reveal Burnout… The Best Way to do it!

Just the other day we discussed how even small things have taken on a life of their own with the advent of sharing our lives on social media. While this phenomenon certainly seems to apply to everything, we talked specifically about how expectant couples often go above and beyond to reveal if they’re having a boy or girl with elaborate gender reveal parties. We’ve seen several of these now where our fellow gearhead brethren have included their cars as part of the big announcement, and today we have another one that further proves that car guys and gals just do things better!

After gathering their family and friends outside, this jubilant expectant dad lights up the rear tires of his gorgeous first gen Camaro to reveal the baby’s gender. As the tires spin, the smoke begins to wisp off the tires at first before finally bellowing out each side in a huge cloud of blue smoke, revealing that the couple is expecting a boy. With the tires already cooking, the driver decides to keep the show going! He spins the factory-style rally wheels up the street where the family is watching with their phones out to capture the moment to, you guessed it, share on social media.

We certainly love seeing long, smoky burnouts, so those of you out there who are planning to start a family, keep this in mind when it comes time to reveal your baby’s gender and you just might find yourself featured right here on Speed Society, especially if you involve your car and some tiresmoke in the announcement. Just be sure there aren’t any trees around, or you could end up quickly tuning a joyous day into one you regret for years to come!