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1970 Camaro Does Huge Wheelie And Comes Down Hard!

I know that for much of the racing community, carburetors are going the way of the dinosaurs as fuel injection becomes cheaper and simpler to understand and tune, but for total simplicity while still getting the job done, it’s hard to beat a good carb. In the carburetor world, there are a few names that come to mind right off the top, and if you done any research into them, you’ve likely seen DaVinci listed among the short list of carbs that you can buy and install straight out of the box and expect them to be pretty dang close to perfect.

Dan DaVinci is the man behind DaVinci Carburetors and this is his wicked white split bumper Camaro, lined up alongside a pretty nasty sounding G-Body for what looks to be a good old fashioned grudge race at San Antonio Raceway last weekend. Dan rolls out and does a killer burnout, smoking the tires well past the 60’ clocks. The G-Body follows suit, also laying down a nice hot pair of fresh rubber stripes to help hook up on the no prep surface.

When the cars back up to the line and stage up, DaVinci’s Camaro makes the most of the fresh rubber and sticky tires, launching hard and sending the nose high into the air. Dan pedals the car masterfully, brining the front end back to earth without letting it slam back down by getting back in the gas as the nose began to fall. However, this also meant as soon as the front wheels hit the track, the nose bounced back into the air, carrying the wheels across the centerline.

It’s hard to tell from the video since the staging procedure isn’t shown, but it looks like the G-Body didn’t stage until after the tree came down, as his redlight was already on before the Camaro left, which would mean the Camaro would technically still win since the other car never took the starting line, essentially making this a bye run for DaVinci. Either way, Dan did a killer job of both making the car hook and driving the wheels off of it to ease it down without smashing the oil pan and getting it back into his lane without even taking out the 330’ clocks!