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1973 Sports Coupe Donk Sounds Nasty With a Supercharged 376 LSX Under The Hood!

If you’ve been unplugged for a couple of years, you may have missed the fact that donks are evolving in one of the best possible ways. For a long time, the performance world sort of stared indignantly at any big body car on massive wheels, completely unimpressed with the whole concept. I can even admit I was the same way, not really grasping the reasoning behind the whole phenomenon.

However, we’ve noticed over the past couple of years that there has really been a change in one aspect of the whole donk culture that we’re totally on board with: horsepower! For the longest, about the only performance modification seen on any of these cars was chopping off the muffler to make the exhaust louder, but there was little else done to make the cars any faster, since the priority was aesthetics: huge wheels, badass paint jobs, and booming stereos. The cars were built for cruising and being seen, so there was no need for horsepower, until there was.

At some point, as seems to happen with every automotive niche, somebody decided their car needed to be faster. Another guy saw this, and decided his needed to be faster than the first guy, and so began the donk horsepower revolution.

Now, it seems horsepower is one of the first priorities for the guys building these cars. We’ve seen some with nitrous, some with turbos, and now there’s this one, a ProCharged LSX churning out a ton of power in this 1973 Sports Coupe. Sure, it has some massive wheels – they look to be 26” tall or so – and a killer flip-flop paint job, but that undeniable whine indicates the powerplant is just as important as how the car looks, and that’s why we’ve taken a sudden liking to this whole scene. After all, what’s better than cruising in a cushy big body ride that’s going to turn heads no matter where you go while also being able to roll into the throttle and leave pretty much everybody else in your dust?