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1981 El Camino Left on a Trailer for 21 Years Dragged From The Grave

The barn find is definitely an interesting concept. It can show us automotive history along with something about people in general. The situation can really display how far we’ve come and also how easy it is to take it for granted. It’s so common to lose sight of all that we have available to us, sometimes.

Now, not every single barn find is exactly a vehicle that has been taken for granted. However, when we see some of these cars just left behind to rot, we really have to wonder exactly what happened. Some sort of upheaval must’ve occurred in someone’s life to cause them to lose interest in something with so much value. Either that or they simply couldn’t find the means to take care of the car. We would assume that most of these sorts of machines weren’t simply seen as dispensable.

This time, the topic of discussion is not other than a Chevrolet El Camino. After going over this thing, we can practically feel the nostalgia teaming out of every pore. It has a weird way of giving us a visualization of what this thing was like when it was rolling through the streets all those years ago. This time, though, it’s in a format that is drastically different from its original state. Let’s just say that mother nature really got her grips on this old school Chevrolet.

When we follow along with the video down below, we’re able to check out the car for ourselves. The video takes us along for a journey through this barn find that really proves to be entertaining. It’s nuts just how much build up and decay are wrapped up in the old school Chevy.

After cleaning it up a little bit, we see that the car actually does have some potential. Hopefully, its new owner can help it reach that potential!


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