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1985 IROC Z28 Found In A Storage Container BRAND NEW

When you think of buying a brand new car, your mind might date back a few years. Maybe you could find a nice 2017 that had a never before signed title as it sits on the dealer lot at a steep discount, waiting to make its way to your driveway, maybe even at a steep discount if you play your cards right.

What if we told you, though,  that it was possible to get your hands on a brand spankin’ new 1985 Chevrolet Camaro? You might look at us a little bit confused, but if you were the one that was lucky enough to stumble upon this shipping container that had been sitting for years, that’s exactly what you would have found inside as this goldmine was sitting in broad daylight, just waiting to be found.

That’s exactly the situation that unfolds right in front of our eyes that this video uploader found himself in as he came across this gem hidden away in a shipping trailer. The dark interior of the container seems to have almost acted as a preservative as the car looks just as good as the day that it rolled off of the assembly line. This had to be quite the thrill for the individuals who just so happened to trip and fall into a pile of gold!

Check out the video below as we have a rare sighting of a diamond in the rough. From what we understand, the 4.5-mile car pretty much went to auction as is and yielded a $27,000 bid at Mecum. Similar cars that have been driven and used can generally be found for $5000 or less if you do enough research but this one certainly has something special on its side.

This leads us to wonder what other automotive treasures are out there ready to be discovered!

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