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1988 Dodge Ram Kills A 650hp GT-R and runs 10s!

As most of us know, even in stock form, the Nissan GT-R is a pretty killer machine. There are very few that have the courage to challenge the Japanese beast on the drag strip.

On the list of worthy competitors, we don’t think that anybody would initially toss around the idea of a 1988 Dodge Ram coming anywhere close to keeping up with the GT-R, especially not a gas powered truck.

Unfortunately for those doubting the non-Cummins Dodge truck, they’ve never seen the “Ramaro.” This beast is powered by an LS2 complimented by a PT8891 Precision turbo on 8psi and a Nitrous Outlet kit jetted for a 100 shot!

Check out the video below as this old-school ram not only keeps up with the GT-R but pulls off quite the kill as well!

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