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$2 million Dollar 1900 Rimac Nevera Supercar Taken Off-Roading

When it comes to the new releases in the electric vehicle category, we can’t help but wonder how they are going to be able to tackle a variety of different tasks. For example, will there be any benefits or maybe even drawbacks of taking electric vehicles off-roading?

Well, typically, when we think about this sort of task, we think about vehicles like the Rivian R1T pickup truck tackling the elements.

This time, though, we find an electric vehicle with a different purpose going off of the beaten path just a little bit. When we say a “different purpose,” we don’t mean just a little bit different but all the way different. While the R1T might be a little bit more capable of going off-roading, there’s just something about a 1900 hp all-wheel-drive supercar going off of the beaten path that seems like it might just be a little bit more of a good time.

In this particular outing, we check in with Rimac as they bring such a car in their “Nevera” to check in with a little bit of mud. Now some might be wondering what exactly the point is of such an outing.

Is it a real test? Is the brand just looking for a little bit of publicity?

Well, the real answer is that this car is going to be totaled in just a couple of days. As our host explains to us here, cars that seek to be fit for public roads need to go through a variety of different testing. The models will evolve from experimental prototypes all the way to something called the pre-series car which is about 95% finished and ready for the road. These pre-series cars are used for everything from development driver input to journalist testing and even showing the investors what’s going on.

After they’ve gone through their paces, these cars are used to help out with crash testing data which this particular model will be doing shortly. Therefore, the idea was born to take it off of the beaten path to see exactly how the machine would handle a little bit of mud and adverse terrain. It’s not for any official purpose but instead just to have a good time!

Down below, we check in with what might be one of the most epic pre-crash testing rituals to ever go down. Is it just me or should this become a thing with every company before they send their car into a wall?


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