2 Motorcycles crashing into swimming pool!!!

STREET BIKE & WAVERUNNER IN THE POOL!! First we have a motorcycle that goes into ...


First we have a motorcycle that goes into the pool after showing off, then one of the idiots in the video below decide to take their waverunner in the pool. We thought it was only proper to have both videos here.   All we have to say about this video is these guys dont give a F*&% about that pool or the toys they are hooning with!! From that Z car in the background to the burnout by the motorcycle it looks like we could party at this guys place!

If it wasn’t enough that this guy took a streetbike in the pool, the same guy at the same pool, same place decided it was again time to put another toy in the pool. We have all decided that there is a ton of booze involved with these guys and their parties. Testosterone party here in full effect!


At this moment they realized the bike was gone… That Sucks!

Waverunner in the pool…. Yes we are serious, and its the same guy from above..

Wait for it…. Wait for it….. He got a set about mid way through this video and it was all good till the inevitable happened. With more throttle anyone can expect this outcome. Take a look around, it seems very normal at this house to have  their street bikes, cars and drinks in hand.

Watch below as these guys might have had one to many beers before driving a few motor vehicles!!

Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 12.32.43 PM

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