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Hook up the Bluetooth Speakers, This 2-Stroke V8 Sounds Downright Insane

The beauty of putting together your very own project build is that there are about a million combinations to choose from. Even if for those who have decided that they want to stick a v8 in your car, the diversity is pretty endless. Most folks would probably go with something like an LS or Ford modular engine. For those looking for a twist, though, we got you!

This time, instead of plopping a regular v8 in this project Volvo Amazon, this guy decided to take the path less traveled. He would go with a 2-stroke v8 instead! Just like everyone reading this, we were incredibly curious about the sound. How could the sound of a 2-stroke that we probably know from small engines like a dirtbike combine with lots of cubic inches?

When the driver here fires the engine up, it almost sounds more like a rotary than a traditional piston engine. It still has its very own unique exhaust note, indeed. It’s pretty hard to pin this one down to the point where it gives this combination an extra draw. For those who get a kick out of something different, this will definitely float their boat. As if the engine wasn’t enough, the Volvo Amazon is something that we almost never see. When it all comes together, this is certainly some share-worthy content. We personally couldn’t help but send this one to just about anybody who would listen. The reaction was almost a unanimous “wow!”

Check out the one-of-a-kind ride in the video below and tell us what your take is on this two-stroke v8 that comes to life is this project pushes toward the finish line. One of our favorite aspects of the automotive community is that we never know what’s coming next. One video might showcase something as common as a Corvette and the next, a one-off wonderland.


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