$20 Million in Supercars Fled to This One Spot To Be Safe From Hurricane Irma

As of right now, it just so happens that Hurricane Irma is pelting Florida, carving ...

As of right now, it just so happens that Hurricane Irma is pelting Florida, carving up lots of important things in its path and leaving behind a wake of destruction that many are going to have to deal with as they’re left to pick up the pieces and start again. There is a lot to be lost and people are doing everything that they possibly can to prepare for all of the havoc that the storm is about to unleash on the state of Florida and other surrounding areas. When you learn that something like this is on its way, most people would probably want to get out of dodge all while securing up as much as they possibly can before they head to higher ground.

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This time, we take a look at what a collection of supercar owners did as they stashed away their machines, hoping that their newfound shelter would be good enough for them to push through the category 5 with minimal damage. The result of these car owners looking for refuge would be a $20 million inventory stashed away at the Supercar Shelter at Prestige Imports 2.0’s new showroom. This scene is nothing short of incredible as they stuff all of these machines on top of each other, making sure that as many cars as possible fit in the space to maximize every square foot and save as many rides as possible.

Check out the video down below that shows all of these incredible cars coming together inside of a structure that hopefully was able to withstand the winds and rain that Irma dumped on top of the area. If you make an investment like that, you definitely want to make sure that it is protected but if this place it ends up flooding, well, I guess that the insurance companies are going to just have that many more claims that are made once all is said and done. Sometimes, there isn’t much that you can do to protect yourself from the elements.

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