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$20 Tailgate HACK Every Truck Owner NEEDS To Know!!!

Depending on what truck you decided to invest your money into, you might have a multitude of features at your fingertips. Even though all pickup trucks, at their core, are designed to be utility vehicles, sometimes, you’ll find that one model has more features than another to get the job done. Sometimes, the features are nothing more than luxuries and other times, you’ll find that once you’ve gotten used to these features that you just simply could not live without them. When they all come together in one cohesive picture, you really find out what which ones you can’t live without.

This time, we check out a feature that’s probably more of a luxury than a necessity, however, it really is something that could be nice to have and can end up helping you save some wear and tear on your vehicle in the long run. It doesn’t cost any more than a couple of bucks and can probably be installed within maybe an hour or two. With a couple of quick steps, you’ll be able to alter your tailgate, especially if you have an older truck, to mimic a feature that’s available on a lot of the newer trucks that you might not have been able to get your hands on at the time that your vehicle came out.

If you follow along down in the video below from Ryan Mayer, you’ll be able to see how exactly a hydraulic mechanism is put in place in order to make tailgate lowering a little bit easier as to not go through the whole slam and bang technique that you might have become used to out of your truck. After watching a video like this, as someone who does own a truck without a hydraulic lowering system, I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say that this is definitely something that everybody without one should at least look into.


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