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200 mph TT Terminator Mustang – “Stopped Turning it Up to Prevent 130mph Burnouts”

As an ever expanding racing format, you see more and more impressive cars go down the half-mile racing surface as time goes on. The 200 mile-per-hour club is definitely growing and this time, we see yet another machine make its way into the ever so elusive group of cars that is nothing short of completely impressive. I think that, until you actually see a car in action traveling at such speeds, it can be tough to grasp exactly how mind blowing something like this really is, but with videos like this, we’re given just another piece of the puzzle that allows you to get an idea of what it feels like to travel at such speeds.

In this one, the car is none other than a Terminator Cobra that has been constructed to impress. With the help of a 2014 Shelby block, some beefy heads, and a pair of 72mm turbos amongst a host of other supporting parts to make it work, this insane machine is able to blast its way into the 200 mph club. Not only is does the intense machine manage to blasts its way into this club, but as you can see from the video below, when it hit the runway at the Wannagofast half mile event, when the power got turned up, the tires blew away into smoke with ease, making the car shred in a half-mile burnout all while still managing to clock in with those impressive speeds.

Check out the video down below as BigKleib34 takes us to the scene to watch this Ford Mustang power its way down the surface with a vengeance, making this feat that many will tell you is incredibly tough to accomplish look like nothing more than a walk in the park on a sunny Sunday afternoon. After seeing this one in action, be sure to tell us what you think of the ride for yourself.

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