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2000 Horsepower CBM Buckshot Sand Car Is a Straight Up Beast!

When you dive into the selection of vehicles that are created to hit the sand, there most certainly is a wide range of toys that you can pick from to have fun. It’s all up to how much money you want to dump into the hobby and how much fun you think you’re going to get out. The fun factor here is off of the charts!


This time, we check out a machine that probably cost a pretty nice chunk of change in the CBM Buckshot. From the looks of things, this machine is probably worth every last penny as it’s able to do some quite incredible things when you take it out to some open land.

In this little video, we get a chance to check out the turbocharged machine up close and go for a little ride as the fearless driver lays into the throttle and pulls the front end of the machine up over and over again as all of that power almost refuses to keep the nose down.


After checking out all of the footage that has been put together as a tease exactly what the rig is capable of, we’ve drawn one conclusion for certain: you had better be ready when you hop behind the wheel of this heavyweight because once you punch that throttle, you’re bound to be in for the ride of your life.


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