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2000 Horsepower Farm Jeep Destroys The Track

2000 Horsepower Farm Jeep Destroys The Track

When it comes to the world of off-road, there’s good, better and then there’s the Farm Jeep that makes enough horsepower and torque to knock over a small colony.

This time, we see the 2000hp Jeep in action as it goes up against a variety of challenges and steals the show during each and every set of them.

There is really no part of this 4×4 ride that we dislike as it sweats power from every pore and is about as macho and manly as something sitting on four tires can be.

Check out the video below that shows off the Jeep doing what it does best. What do you think of this stellar example of an off-road wonder machine?

Check out the Farm Jeep skimming a pond in the video below!



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