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20,000 HP JET TRAINS Drag Racing!

20,000 HP JET TRAINS Drag Racing!

What is the most powerful vehicle you’ve ever seen go down the drag strip? Did it make 1000hp? 2000hp? More? Well what if we told you that what we get to take a peek at today makes over 20,000hp!?

That’s right! These jet powered drag trains that were seen racing at the 131 drag strip make over 20,000 ponies! What is all of that good for? Well, in one good pass, we see a 6-second elapsed time and 231mph trap speed!

Check out the video below as this pair of monsters goes head to head down the drag strip, while making more power than most would ever imagine possible!

This driver’s wheels POP OUT! Too much torque or mechanic fail? YOU DECIDE!!



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