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2000HP 4 Cylinder Nissan S15 – Amazing Story! Worlds Quickest and Fastest SR20

When it comes to cranking out massive horsepower numbers, we don’t always think “four banger”, but there’s absolutely no denying you can build an insane amount of power with a boosted four cylinder. Drop that into a lightweight chassis with a big tire stuffed under it and all of the pieces are in place for some stellar ET’s.

The driver of this Nissan S15 is Muhammad Ali, and his ride is the quickest and fastest SR20-powered ride on the planet. He has some badass people helping him make things happen and he does a great job behind the wheel as well. MazWorx built and tuned the chassis to the SR20, which cranked out over 1,800 horsepower on the dyno at 60 pounds of boost. Legendary tuning guru Shane Tecklenburg handles the tuning of the car and you can tell it’s got his stamp all over it, running both ridiculously quick and consistent, which shows the tune is near perfect and they aren’t just taking stabs at the parameters to see what works. Anybody who knows anything about Shane T knows his rides are consistently quick like this and shatter records regularly, proof that he’s the man in the tuning world.

The numbers the car puts up at almost perfectly on par with NHRA Pro Stock, allowing me the opportunity to make a comparison between the drastically different combinations. Pro Stock rules, as most of you know, mandate naturally aspirated powerplants, while this SR20 is crammed with almost 70 pounds of boost at speed on the track. Of course, it has half of the cylinders of the 500 CID V8 under the hood of a Pro Stocker, which makes around 1,500 horsepower.

So how does the Pro Stocker run the same ET with less horsepower? The answer is contained within the interview with Mark from MazWorx, who talks about the chassis. See if you guys can determine the difference and let us know what you think.