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2000HP Nissan GTR Spins Out Doing 222MPH On An Airstrip!

This past weekend at Shift S3ctor Airstrip Attack 8 Gidi’s AMS Alpha 2K GTR did an astonishing 222 MPH 1/2 Mile Pass! This insane pass was not without interference. As the Nissan GT-R hits the cones the driver of the car is unable to stop in time and had an issue with the ABS causing him to veer right into the dirt at an estimated 180MPH.

Luckily for him he missed the concrete ditch near the end of the runway but hit the metal airstrip lights only causing some wheel damage and one extremely dirty Nissan GTR. After a quick wash the car and driver was ready to rock and roll, thank god the driver was unharmed letting him race another day.

If this car can do 222MPH in a half mile we can only imagine what it would do in the full standing mile if the gearing in the car was set up for it. Let this be a lesson to anybody wanting to compete in this type of environment that it is no joke at these speeds.



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