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2007 Shelby GT500 Does NASTY Second Gear Wheelie!

2007 Shelby GT500 Does NASTY Second Gear Wheelie!

With a little bit of help from action cameras like those made by GoPro, you can get a peek at any event that you want from any angle that you want and in today’s video somebody got a little bit creative.

This time, the mount in question is a 2007 Shelby GT500, but instead of mounting this camera inside or on the body, the owner mounts it underneath the car for some wicked wheels up action!

Check out the video below as the Shelby pulls the front wheels up in second gear and shows off the car’s almighty power with a wicked wheelie! Hopefully, if you have a GoPro, you’re taking notes on where to mount yours next!

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Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 2.05.16 AM


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