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2014 Camaro Z/28 Track Drive

This year the Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 returns.  Borrowing the hand-assembled LS7 engine from the outgoing Corvette Z06, boasting an incredible 505 horsepower and 481 lb.-ft. of torque, makes it the most powerful normally aspirated regular production small block V8 ever. The LS7 is mated to a TREMEC® TR6060 6-speed manual gearbox that features close-ratio gearing – optimized for the engine’s power characteristics. The TREMEC is coupled with a 5.1:1-ratio short-throw shifter to ensure quick and precise shifts


Power is distributed to the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential, which features a helical gear set rather than traditional clutch packs that continuously adjusts torque bias allowing drivers to confidently lay down more power to get through corners faster. Coupled with the Performance Traction Management (PTM) system, drivers can adjust the level of throttle and brake intervention to match their capability and driving environment, essentially making PTM custom to each driving situation.


Now, sure we all want a 7.0 Liter american muscle car, but before you hit the dealerships looking for one, keep in mind this is a track ready car.  A lot of the creature comforts you want in a daily driver are not found here. The car is designed to be as light as possible so there is no infotainment system to be found, but a simple AM/FM/CD audio unit connected to a single speaker is mounted on the center console, HID headlights and fog lights are not available, and air-conditioning is only offered as an option.


LSXtv gets a chance to drive the new Z/28 on a race track, but Mother Nature has other plans. How does this brutal corner carver react when the skies open and rain pours down? Watch here and find out.  Chevrolet Camaro chief Engineer, Al Oppenheiser, talks about who this car is made for, and what makes it the most track-ready car Chevrolet has ever sold.  With the testing of the Ford Mustang Gt350 we can’t wait to see a head to head comparison.  Be sure to share and let us know what you think in the comments on Facebook.


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