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2015 Dodge Viper TA vs 2015 Dodge Hellcat

2015 Dodge Viper TA vs 2015 Dodge Hellcat

For being one of the best bang for your buck vehicles there is, the Dodge Challenger Hellcat doesn’t get a lot of credit. Many discard it as too heavy or write it off as not being able to compete with the upcoming lineup from its competitors.

In this day and age, talking will get you nowhere, so the only course of action that will yield any results is to go out and take the credit that they won’t give to you! In this one the fat cat does just that as it squares off with a worthy and more expensive competitor from its own family, the Dodge Viper TA.

Check out the video below as the pair squares off in a roll race and the Hellcat surprises us yet again. Either these competing cars could use a driver mod or the Hellcat is going a long way toward putting its money where its mouth is!


The Hellcat has been wreaking havoc all over the place, see it here vs a C7 z06.

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