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2015 Ford F-250 Truck Destruction – Totally Destroyed!

if you have a newer truck that you want to keep in good shape, we would probably recommend that you keep it on the road and avoid off-road situations at all costs. Otherwise, one thing could lead to another and you could have your shiny new ride converted into a beater before your eyes.

This time, we check out a scenario that has a brave soul taking a 2015 Ford F-250 off of the beaten path and this Powerstroke powered machine proves to have quite the struggle on its ride. The weight of a big truck like this dictates that it isn’t really a great fit for off-roading scenarios which this video reaffirms.

It’s quite painful to watch as the truck bounces around on this hillside, slamming into one obstacle after another until it endures some pretty hefty damage, denting in one side of the truck. Unless this guy has pretty deep pockets, this is probably going to be a little jaunt that he’s going to want to forget.

Check out the video below that shows off the aggressive driving that doesn’t end so well and tell us what you think of the idea of taking a truck like this off-roading. I guess there are some lessons that just really need to be learned the hard way when there’s no other option.


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