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2016 Hennessey Camaro SS Runs 202 MPH!

2016 Hennessey Camaro SS Runs 202 MPH!

The way that cars are set up today right out of the factory seriously amazes us. This time, we check out exactly what the latest Chevrolet Camaro can do.

While this Camaro isn’t bone stock and is hooked up with a few modifications such as aftermarket heads, a beefier camshaft, and nitrous amongst a few other mods, it really hauls ass.

We ride along this time as the LT1 v8-powered Camaro is able to top 200mph, reaching out to 202.1mph to be exact. For a car that is most definitely a daily drivable street car, that is cooking!

Check out the Camaro in detail below along with its hellacious ride up past the 200mph mark. How long will it be before cars like this are able to surpass 200mph out of the box?


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