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2016 Mustang GT350 Hits the Quarter Mile! First Look!!

Posted by: Matt Wright on November 18, 2015

2016 Mustang GT350 Hits the Quarter Mile! First Look!!

With the introduction of the Ford Mustang GT350 for the 2016 model year, enthusiasts are able to take a walk down memory lane all while looking toward the future in one killer ride.

This time, we check out the car as it has barely made its way off of the showroom floor and has somehow already managed to find its way to Cecil County Dragway!

We check in as Evolution Performance takes their version of the car featuring a set of sticky Mickey Thompson drag radials out back and a couple of suspension goodies from BMR down the quarter to some impressive times.

Check out the BigKleib34 video below as the nearly stock car busts its way into the 11s, becoming the first that we’ve seen to do so. Even though these things are pretty similar to the GT, we can’t wait to see where motor heads take them! The sound of the flat plane crank is simply one of a kind!

Watch Vaughn Gittin Jr and the RTR bring the fun to SEMA below!




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