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2017 Ford Mustang – Crash Test!

I’ve always had a fascination for crash test footage, so today’s modern super slow-motions cameras really feed that craving in a whole new way, allowing even the tiniest of details to be observed during these tests. On top of that, who doesn’t like watching crashes of any type, especially when there’s no risk to actual humans?

These test not only include the actual crashing of the car, but a series of tests that check the 2017 Mustang’s crash avoidance systems, something that all automaker’s have pushed in an effort to keep everybody on the road safer. You can see, in the first several tests, the Mustang does a great job of stopping before impacting the other vehicles. In fact, the only test that looks to have a less-than-ideal outcome is the one where a pedestrian appears suddenly from in front of another car parked on the side of the road while the test car is traveling at 40 and 50 km/h.

This is certainly a plausible, of not likely scenario that many of us have encountered, so it’s noteworthy in this series of tests. While the car is traveling at 40 km/h, the system is able to react quickly enough to avoid any impact, but the car does hit the dummy when traveling at 50 km/h. The system does manage to slow the car to 29 km/h at the point of impact, nearly reducing the speed by half and likely causing significantly fewer and less-severe injures to the pedestrian than if the car didn’t slow at all.

After these tests, we get to see the gloriously destructive crash tests in all their slow-mo detail. The car appears to do well in these tests, at least from what my untrained eye can tell. There are some remarks in the description of the video that dive into the results in great detail, and there are some negative scores, especially regarding children being transported in the back seat.

If you’re considering purchasing a Mustang and are concerned with how well the car will hold up when you crash into a crowd leaving a meet (I almost made it without “going there”), give this video a watch and help make that decision.