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New Ford Pick Up Truck Aluminum Body Damage

When it comes to controversial arguments about newer pickups, you can definitely expect someone to bring up the fact that newer Ford pickup trucks are made out of aluminum. While some would argue that the material is definitely strong enough to do what it has to do all while cutting down on weight in order to improve fuel economy, others argue that aluminum simply isn’t strong enough to be a material used in this way on any truck, especially when you consider how much abuse some of these Ford trucks can take in their line of duty.

This time, we catch up with a long time body man who has come across a 2017 Ford F-150 that has been involved in what he calls a minor accident. However, when he observes the damage from said accident, it really looks like this truck took a good hard beating. There’s definitely no denying that the damage here is extensive, however, it really leads you to wonder what kind of accident happened to make this damage come about. If It really was a minor fender bender like this guy keeps on insisting, then there’s definitely something to worry about here. You don’t want your vehicle folding under minimal pressure no matter if it’s a car, truck, or something else.

Follow along with video down below that showcases the aluminum tearing apart after the accident. Be sure to chime in with what you think of damage like and tell us what your opinion is on Ford’s new strategy to make trucks out of aluminum. Do you think that the efficiency provided by the characteristics of the metal make it worth the downfalls that may come alongside those benefits or should the company get back to the drawing board and try something else out instead of the aluminum that it has put in place?