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2017 Shelby Super Snake Ford F-150 | Supercharged 750HP 5.0 V8

If you’re into big and bad trucks that pelt out tons of power, you might want to take a quick peek at the Shelby rendition of the Ford F-150. If it has the Shelby nameplate on it, you already know what to expect because pretty much everything that has that iconic branding slapped on it is slated to be something really special. It’s an exciting thought to think what they might do with the Shelby brand when mixing it with a Raptor!

To envision what this thing is all about, just imagine taking a Ford Raptor and injecting it with a sizable amount of steroids to make it even more of a monster! Yeah, believe it or not, that’s possible and that’s exactly what we see here with the 2017 Shelby Super Snake Ford F-150. This thing is as incredible as it sounds when you get to take a chance to really get an up close look at the machine. It looks like no attention to detail was spared as this truck has lots of styling cues that you’d expect to see in other Shelby machines and provides the bite as well with 750hp!

From the way it looks to the way it sounds, this thing has just the right amount of allure to make us want to hop behind the wheel and go for a spin. Who could resist such a machine that’s practically begging to be driven? Check out the wild ride in the video below as we take a look at the ins and outs and tell us what you think of this glance inside of the Monstrous Shelby powered truck along with seeing it rolling along in the streets. It’s machines like this that can really make you get excited about the world of horsepower. We can only hope that they continue to pump out these high-intensity rides in the future!