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2019 Cadillac CT6 V-Port a 550HP Twin Turbo V8 Luxury Sedan

Cadillac has had a sports car in it’s line up for quite some time now, but for the most part, everybody sees the CTS-V as a sports car wrapped in a Cadillac body, and that’s not exactly far from the truth. Sure, it has a nice fit and finish and there’s no denying the distinctly Cadillac styling, but the car has never seemed – to myself at least – as a truly luxury car, which is what Cadillac typically focuses on. Think of it as a similar situation to what Buick did with the Grand National, just with a longer run and a lot more panache.

However, that leaves the rest of the lineup for those customers seeking luxury over performance. Those left out in the cold, so to speak, are the potential customers who may be looking for a luxury ride with the soul of sports car, a car built for quiet, cushy comfort but with plenty of “giddy up” under the loud pedal just waiting to be unleashed. These customers may be looking at some of the higher horsepower offerings from Mercedes and Audi, and our own domestic luxury brand doesn’t want these customers to feel like they have to look to Germany to find that which they seek, so we now have the stunning Cadillac ST6 V-Sport.

One part CT, one part CTS-V, the V-Sport combines the best of both worlds with the gorgeous ST series styling and amazing build quality with a twin turbocharged 550 horsepower V8 strapped between the fenders. This combination of what’s almost certain to be a buttery smooth, quiet sedan that can tromp on all but the sportiest of sports cars from a dig and likely drive around many of them on top end will be exactly what those customers who may be looking elsewhere need in order to keep their ride bearing a domestic emblem. I know I can’t wait to see one in person, this is one gorgeous ride, especially knowing what’s lurking under that hood!