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Is the 2019 GMC Syclone the Midsize Performance Truck to Buy?

Is the 2019 GMC Cyclone the Midsize Performance Truck to Buy?

Just when we thought that we had seen the last of the GMC Syclone, along comes the help of the aftermarket. With the assistance of Specialty Vehicle Engineering, we have seen the likes of all sort of nostalgic rides come to life. The folks who are responsible for the Yenko name have done some pretty awesome things. Take for example the Yenko Chevrolet Silverado. Maybe, a Corvette is more your taste. They have a Yenko version of the C7 as well. It seems like they’re really trying to bridge the gap between nostalgia and current technology. We can’t help but love some of the old school machines. However, it’s hard to deny that modern power is far superior.

This time, we take a look inside of what they’ve done with the 2019 GMC Canyon. While it would be hard to ever really replicate the first go around of the GMC Syclone, they’ve done their best. We actually wrote an article talking all about what customers can expect sure they pick up one of these trucks.

This time, though, it’s time for a little bit of an opinion piece and a real-life look at the truck. This appears to be one of the first videos to pop up that actually shows us what this thing is going to look like in the flesh.

By following along with the video below, we get the inside line on the 455 hp truck. All of that juice is being created through supercharged V6 that brings us back to the forced induction V6 truck of old. In turn, we get a little bit of an opinion on how exactly this might be the midsize performance truck to buy. After checking out the Syclone in real life, be sure to tell us what your thoughts are about this small but mighty monster of a machine.



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