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Sights and Sounds: 2019 Miami Poker Run Has us Ready to Get on the Water

When it comes the fun in the water, there’s certainly a lot of money to be spent. Depending on the direction that a boat owner wants to go, they can lean towards all source of different nuances. Perhaps, one boater might be all about horsepower. In this video, we certainly find plenty of that. Some of these cigarette boots are even known for making 1000 hp or more. Just imagine having all of that juice beneath the throttle when ripping through the water. That truly has to be an experience unlike any other.

Furthermore, there’s definitely a calling within some boaters that reaches out for more comfort. We’ve found some of those sorts of vessels this video as well. The luxury factor in these boats is something to truly be admired.

In fact, we would argue that there’s a wide variety of boat featured in this footage from the Florida Powerboat Club. In a poker run to Key Largo, we find all sorts of different strokes for different folks. The one thing that all of these machines share in common is that they’re downright incredible. There’s just something that makes our spines tingle as we watch these massive boats glide through the water.

As we deliver this video, we have to do so with a little bit of a warning. After watching something like this, we can’t guarantee that your pockets will remain as full as they are right now. Seeing these sorts of vessels in action almost always is going to yield a reaction that has us wanting to go and get on the water ourselves.

For now, though, I guess that laying eyes on some of the most beautiful boats in all of Florida will suffice. After checking this one out, be sure to tell us which one of these vessels sticks out the most to you.