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2019 Ram Multifunctional Tailgate Needs to be Seen to be Believed

Within every segment of the vehicle, there’s something new and always developing that tends to be a hot topic of discussion. For those who aren’t sure quite what we’re talking about, this time, we’re focusing on the tailgate of pickup trucks. Up until the last couple of years, this was something that nobody had even thought twice about. As long as the tailgate would lift and lower, we were in business. Heck, it would be quite the luxury if a tailgate had a hydraulic aid that would help it to not slam when lowering it.

However, as 2019 has rolled around, it seems like that simple design just isn’t enough anymore. Instead, automakers across the board have really been focusing on how to make this aspect of their pickup trucks a bit more usable. After all, when it comes to the functional parts of a pickup, the tailgate is something that most pickup truck owners are going to commonly interact with. It’s hard to realize just how much something could be improved upon until after said improvement comes into the picture. That’s exactly where designers are hoping to go with these concepts.

By following along with the video below, we get to dig our teeth into the 2019 Ram which features a tailgate with a whole lot packed into one concise package. Not only is this thing opening in all sorts of different directions in order to better suit the user for the task at hand but there are also some extra steps thrown into the mix just to make sure that all work being done goes off without a hitch. For many, this might not seem like a major advancement but instead just a gimmick. However, for those who have done a long day’s work, jumping up and down off of the tailgate all day, they probably notice how much something like this could come in handy.

2019 Ram Multifunctional Tailgate Demo at the Chicago Auto Show

Shown for the first time at The Chicago Auto Show, the Ram Trucks 1500 Multifunction Tailgate has a 60-40 split, giving flexibility without compromise and versatility beyond the competition.

Posted by FCA North America on Friday, 8 February 2019


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