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The Least Safe and Safest Trucks Money Can Buy Today

When it comes to making a vehicle that is acceptable for regular road use, it isn’t as simple as designing it and slapping it on the road. For public safety, it has to go through a series of testing first. This will make sure that the driver and other occupants will be alright in the unfortunate event of a crash. Today, it’s a consumer’s right to know just how safe a roadworthy vehicle will be.

This time, we check out the crash testing of pickup trucks that are popular here in the United States. In this day and age, there are so many different ways to stay safe. Long gone are the days where the only safety question is if it has lap belts or not. There is all sorts of technology out there that could make one vehicle win out over another.

The truck go through quite a rigorous series of tests to make sure that they are roadworthy. Some of them pass on an acceptable level and others exceed pass the competition in terms of safety. Now, the decision will be left up to the buyer to decide which of the trucks they want to purchase and how heavily safety weighs in as a concern in their buying process. Perhaps, some just aren’t willing to shell out more money for these features. Other times, consumers get quite safety conscious! With some of the crazy drivers out there, we can’t really blame someone for being as safe as possible.

Check out the video below that shows the destruction of today’s pickup truck in the name of safety to see how they stand up to the test of being dismantled. How heavily of concern is safety for you when it comes to getting your hands on the latest version of a muscle or sports car?