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2019 Yenko Camaro #1 of 25 Already Flipped for a Sweet Profit at Barrett-Jackson

When purchasing a car, I think that it goes without saying that a buyer isn’t just purchasing the nuts and bolts. They’re also purchasing the intangibles that might make a car even better. The decision might also have to do with legacy or heritage. These factors can really add some curb appeal to just about any ride.

In addition to these things, when it comes to the collectible car market, buyers might be paying a little bit more for an investment. For example, if a car is a limited run, the exclusivity and the brand behind it can predict great value. It’s also quite the gamble because the car market’s value indicators are always touchy.

This is very much the case for something like the new generation of Yenko Chevrolet Camaro. The cars themselves might be awesome but a great deal of the value is in the name. Would that name hold as much value with as the original Yenko cars, though?

As we know the brand has been revived and Specialty Vehicle Engineering is producing Yenko Camaros yet again. We aren’t sure if they’ll be as sought after as the original Yenko machines. We might be about to find out, though!

Via Barrett-Jacksona special 2019 Yenko Camaro rolled across the block at their Palm Beach show a few weeks ago. The car is the first of 25.

“This 2019 Camaro Yenko, #1 of 25, was the first off the SVE line and is finished in Orange Crush paint over a black interior. It’s powered by a Stage 2 1000hp LT1 engine that is stroked to a 6.8-liter using a forged 4340 steel crankshaft, forged H-beam connecting rods and forged aluminum pistons. The Stage 2 came at a cost of $66,995 on top of the original price of the car. The engine also uses the cylinder heads off the LT4 V8, which are CNC-ported for increased air flow, and is backed by a heavy-duty 8-speed automatic transmission. This Camaro is equipped with upgraded Yenko brakes and 20″ Yenko wheels and has 25 actual miles”

Only time will tell if the newer cars will be able to replicate the value of the older ones. For those who want to get an early look at what the future may hold, the Camaro sold for $170,500. Even if the original base car used to create this Yenko was purchased at a high price for the market, that’s still quite the come up! We would venture to think that the owner banked at least $50,000.


Whether or not this trend will carry into the future is yet to be seen. Check back in with us in a few decades!