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C8 Corvette ZR1 Expected to be 900HP Twin Turbo DOHC, Flat Plane Crank Driven Hybrid

Straight from the release of the Corvette, the watercooler was already swirling with questions. Those familiar with how Corvettes work knew, or at least speculated, that there would be higher trim levels coming soon. In each of the three prior generations, the base model car would come out and the others would soon follow. A several-year gap would pass by before a Z06 would come out. This would be followed several years later by the ZR1 and Grand Sport in the sixth generation.

Because of this previous heritage, fans were itching to know about what would happen with the C8. After all, with how many wild chances the brand was taking, it had to be something crazy, right? Well, the time is already here to learn what we’re going to be getting gout of the highest tier of Corvette.

The Specs

Motortrend was able to acquire the specs as to what can be expected with the ZR1 and it’s going to be a brute. Through one of their most reliable sources, they’ve learned that the car will be a hybrid. No, it’s not going to be aimed at fuel economy, either. Instead, the hybrid system will take a shot at the most power a Corvette has ever seen. It’s believed that the car will produce 900 hp through a twin-turbo DOHC V8 aided by electric. They call their source a “Senior Official at GM.”

Where the electric power will come into play is still up for debate. Some seem to believe that it will be mounted in the front to create a sort of AWD component. Others think that it might be placed somewhere between the engine and transmission to boost power.

There’s certainly no stretch of the imagination in believing that this might be true. With electric power seemingly being the wave of the future, plenty of high-end performance applications have already considered it.

For years, many have argued that the Corvette has been the best “bang for your buck” way to get into something resembling a supercar. It’s going to be interesting to see how Chevrolet Continues to compete in this segment.