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2020 Supra Makes Over 800 HP to the Tires With a Stock Engine

2020 Supra Makes Over 800 HP to the Tires With a Stock Engine

Even though it’s still relatively early in the timeline for the 2020 Toyota Supra, things are heating up rather quickly. It seems like, with recent developments, the thought of this being just a mundane rebadged BMW are firmly in the rearview mirror. Instead, excitement is building as the revived Supra is being leaned on a little bit.

On the cutting edge of development, we find Extreme Turbo SystemsTo the delight of A90 Supra enthusiasts, a recent dyno session with ETS really stood to show what some of the stock components can handle. Let’s just say that they really crank up the volume with this thing and the results are about perfect.

As we unveiled in the title, the car made a touch over 800 WHP, 806 to be exact. The impressive part of this equation is that there are a lot of stock components remaining. The engine and transmission internals have remained untouched.

In order to propel the Supra to such a height, EPS hooked the car up with their own in-house PT6870 T4 Turbo Kit, 4.0″ Exhaust System, and W2A Billet Intake Manifold w/ Secondary Injection. For tuning to come together properly, they look toward an English Racing Motec Package and Visconti Tuning EcuTek Package. Powered by MS109 Fuel, the rest is basically history.

Below, we get to go along for the ride ourselves. Listen closely to this video – This might just be one of those cars that we’ll all be able to recognize from around the block with our eyes closed. Heck, with how loud this particular example is, we might even be able to recognize the sound from a couple of blocks away!