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2020 Toyota Tacoma Off-Road Highlight Reel

When cars and trucks roll off of dealership floors and into the hands of the public, there are a whole set of criteria that they’re judged upon. Just as an example, fuel economy is going to be one of the most common criteria. That’s right folks, the most boring cars are normally the best selling as well.

One of the less common criteria that one will look to is the ability to travel off-road. While we can’t help but love exploring on the path less traveled, most folks aren’t thrusting their new trucks into the woods. However, if we were to pick out a couple of new vehicles that did fall into this category, the 2020 Toyota Tacoma would probably be among them. This is definitely a nameplate that has become synonymous with maneuverability. With that in mind, every rendition is going to be pushed to the limits to see where it sits.

This year, the 2020 seems to be back on its game yet again. With a lightweight chassis, this thing is ready to be thrown around. Normally, when we get a review from Cars.com, it’s all about seeing how the vehicle does on the road. Instead, this time, we’re checking out the truck in its natural element. Without a road in sight, the Tacoma truly signs. Sure, these might just be the highlights, but if it’s any indication of what the trucks can do, sign us up!

Down in the video below, we get the most action-packed footage that we’re going to see of the 2020 Tacoma as of yet. We don’t often see these types of outlets beating up on press vehicles like this. We have to admit that we’re kind of digging it, though! If there’s any footage that’s going to make someone want to buy a Tacoma, this might be it!