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22 People Injured In Explosion On London Subway Train At Parsons Green Underground Station

In five separate instances so far this year, London has become a target for terror attacks. Late last week, we saw the latest attack that would go on inside of a subway train and injure 22 people through the use of a homemade explosive device that was left behind by the attacker. It’s not really clear why anyone would act out in such a horrible act of terror but, as these measures become more widespread, it really becomes something that we, as the human race, need to figure out a way to get more control over in its prevention. Seeing innocent people injured like that certainly isn’t something that any rational person would want to happen.

As for this incident, it would happen during rush hour at Parsons Green station as the coward or cowards who were behind the senseless violence would strike and attack people who were essentially defenseless. Luckily no deaths were reported as a result of such an action but it’s still a heinous series of events that should be taken just as seriously.

As of now, it’s been reported that the line that ran through the station has been suspended. Hopefully, the right measures will be taken to make sure that whoever was behind this one won’t be able to strike again and will be locked up indefinitely to rot in jail.

The video below might be able to shed a little bit more light on exactly what happened on that day to injure all of these people. Hopefully, they’re all on their way to a quick recovery from what was described as “facial injuries” and injuries from the frightened stampede of people that came about immediately following the explosion for those looking to escape. I can’t say that I blame them for quickly trying to evacuate the premises, either.

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