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24V Power Wheels Conversion – Shopnanigans

When you envision Power Wheels, you picture a kid’s toy putting along in the front yard at a couple of miles per hour, a very tame and manageable pace for just about any little tyke that can get their hands on such a machine.

This time, however, we check out a situation involving such a Power Wheels machine that is a pretty far cry from the dialed down child’s toy that comes straight out of the box from the toy store. If you’re the child of off-road video sensation, Busted Knuckle, tinkering around with something that simple just won’t do, especially where there are options to take this otherwise ordinary toy and make it something that adults can even enjoy a little bit!

In this one, we’re able to ride along as this little machine gets the power treatment with a 24-volt conversion that would give the ATV a surprising amount of power and allow it to rip around. After adding the power slowly, eventually, the guys would go all-out and take this toy that’s designed for youngsters to be something that the overgrown children can even enjoy! After seeing something like this, it’s hard to deny that you want to hop on and go for a ride.

Check out exactly how these guys began to slowly update the ATV, deciding with each step that it needs to be able to handle a little bit more power. Who knows if they even stopped when the camera shut off because, for all that we know, they could still be bumping up the voltage on this mean machine to this day! We can tell that this one is already giving you ideas of how to modify your kid’s Power Wheels and all that we have to say is that we’re not responsible!