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2500 HP Nova Fixed With Lawnmower Parts, Continues to Rip

When it comes to Drag Week, nobody’s ride is safe. Regardless of how well put together a machine might be, the treacherous journey ahead can be a challenge. This means that racers might be left to their resourcefulness in order to make it through the week.

This year, we listened in to plenty of stories that spelled out an uphill battle for different racers. One even included pulling apart an engine in a hotel parking lot, only to finish reassembly as the sun was coming up. This time, we check out a story that really pushes the limits on what someone might try on a Drag Week journey.

Upon entering the week, this 2500 hp ProCharged Chevy Nova was one to keep an eye on. Not only is the car a looker, but it looked to be competitive as well. However, before long, the issues would begin to pile up as the street miles accumulated. Before we know it, the car had lost a belt and destroyed a pulley. As it turns out, these weren’t just any parts that could be grabbed from a parts store. Therefore, creativity was really put in place as the crew made the journey to a Tractor Supply store.

With a combo of that Tractor Supply and a bit of fabrication from a local carburetor repair shop, the Nova was able to be thrust back into action. As they say, worth having is easy. Drag Week definitely falls into that category as getting all the way through the near 1000-mile journey is enough to test just about anyone. After hearing a story like this, we really gain even more appreciation for what some racers were able to accomplish.

By following along with the BigKleib34 video below, we get to tune into the action. This is really a case of never giving up going a long way!

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