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3 Awesome Attachments For Cordless Drill You Should Have

A cordless drill is a must for any guy, no matter how good or bad his mechanical skills may be. When it comes to tools, there are few that are more versatile and easy to use than a battery operated drill like the ones seen in the video below. From drilling holes to driving screws, a good cordless drill is invaluable, and thanks to these three attachments they can be used for a variety of other jobs as well.

The first attachment would win the “Save the Day” award, as it is basically a handheld rescue for what would otherwise be a ruined bolt. The conical cup shaped attachment has built-in cutting blades that can shave off the top of a bolt that has damaged threads, saving it form having to be replaced and keeping you from having to deal with the potential problems that can come from trying to extract a bolt or stud. Instead, simply place the cutting cup atop the damaged threaded surface and give the trigger a pull. The attachment will shave off the top few threads, leaving a nice clean starting point for the nut to spin on, saving you a big pain in the butt.

The second attachment featured in this video would win the “Timesaver” award. This attachment doubles the number of bits or tips you can have attached to your drill and allows you to swap them in a matter of seconds. The tool lets you install two different tips so, for example, you can drill a pilot hole for a screw, flip the bit around to the screwdriver bit, then drive the screw into the hole without having to physically swap bits, which is a frustratingly slow process for many drills. Just watch as the user demonstrates how quickly the bits can be swapped and think about how much time that will save, especially if you have to do the same job requiring more than one bit repeatedly.

And finally, there’s an attachment that turns the drill into something else completely: a metal cutter. This attachment is designed to harness the power of the drill and use it to slice through sheet metal much easier and more controlled than using some type of shears. Able to cut through sheetmetal as thick as 0.9mm, aluminum as thick as 1.6mm, and even slicing effortlessly thought metal roofing sheets. The cutting wheels are made of high-strength steel and the attachment comes with a one year warranty, which should give buyers some reassurance when making this purchase.

These attachments will certainly make life easier for anybody out there with a drill on hand and a job to do. They will be incredibly handy and help save time and frustration for that handyman in your life.