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The 3 Best Inline 6 Cylinder Engines of 2020 Promise Ultimate Efficiency

It seems like one of the biggest trends in the 2020s so far is the electric vehicle. As Tesla has really burst their way into the market with a heavy fist, many other brands are following suit. However, as exciting as the emerging trend is, electric vehicles only make up a small fraction of the market.

Another trend that you might have noticed is that a lot of engines aren’t about displacement as much as they used to be. In a world of performance, cubic inches used to be the only way that one could make good power. These days, however, manufacturers are making insane amounts of power from lesser displacement engines. Let’s just say that they’ve really doubled down on efficiency.

Because of this phenomenon, it seems like the in-line six-cylinder engine has really come back strong. As it turns out, electric technology isn’t the only place where research and development are being invested. Across-the-board, both import and domestic, we’re watching the smaller displacement combustion engines really come to life. When we take a look over the landscape of options, it really gets us excited about the future of automotive performance.

This time, it’s Engineering Explained that’s breaking down the in-line six-cylinder market. In this one, we get to go over the best in-line six-cylinder engines of 2020. Sprinkled throughout time, there are certain in-line sixers that really have stamped their name in the history books. While they provide a high climb to rival, perhaps one of these newer engines could eventually show us that they have what it takes to be awesome.

By following along with the video below, we get a feeling some might just add a couple of items to the shopping list. Some of these small but mighty monsters are really worth writing home about. – Engineering Explained

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