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3000+HP Corvette ZR1 pulls 3G’s of acceleration! 212MPH at Lights Out 8

Mark “Woody” Woodruff is no stranger to going fast on radials. He and his Arnold, Missouri-based team made the switch to small tires years ago and know as well as anybody how to cover the 660′ at a blistering pace.

At the 2017 running of Duck X Productions’ Lights Out radial blowout at South Georgia Motorsports Park, Woody unleashed his sleek, slippery C6 ZR1 Corvette’s potential. Woodruff didn’t just make a strong run through eliminations and end up with a runner-up finish, he uncorked the highest speed ever for a radial-tired car at 212.69 MPH. Power for the gorgeous Chevrolet – a surprisingly old combination that used to reside in Woody’s blue 1967 Stingray – comes from a joint effort between Nelson Competition Engines and Sonny Leonard, while a pair of 106mm Precision turbochargers cram in several cubic feet of air per second to feed the beast.

Not only is Mark the fastest man on radials, his car is now the quickest car with a pair of Sonny’s hemi heads. Hoping to take a few pounds off the nose of the ‘Vette, Woody is working with Leonard to equip the car with billet versions of the heads, which should help them get the car off the line and up to speed quicker by the weight difference alone. We will bring you more info on that developing story as it becomes available.

For now, Woodruff and his team are readying the car for the Outlaw Street Car Reunion 4 coming up in a few weeks at Memphis Motorsports Park, where they will again take on the baddest cars on radials to see who is the king of the hill.