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3000+hp TT Cadillac XLR vs 3000+hp TT Nova!

3000+hp TT Cadillac XLR vs 3000+hp TT Nova!

When your drag car makes over 3000hp, it can be a tough ride to handle, which is why these runs coming right down to the wire is an impressive feat to say the least!

Even more impressive is that a Cadillac is one of said 3000hp cars. Any Caddie would make quite an impressive ride, but this Cadillac XLR bodied car pulls off the look perfectly!

According to our friends at Urban Hillbilly, the Caddy is powered by a Moran Racing Engines big block with twins. In the other lane is Justin Martin in his bad ass twin turbo Chevrolet Nova from Oklahoma.

Check out all of the action in the video below!

This grudge race is straight up insanity!

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 11.31.45 AM


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