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3000HP Twin Turbine 46′ Skater Boat is the Ride Along You Don’t Want to Miss

When it comes to powerboats that are designed for speed, we see some pretty crazy combinations coming to life. Thousands of horsepower can be thrown around as the engines get pretty intense and there can be multiple of these engines. This time, though, we check in with the combination that is probably going to be about as one of a kind as it gets in the world of cigarette boats.

The machine in question this time goes by the name of “Hellfire” and this thing is strapped up with not just two power plants but two turbines. When push comes to shove and these things get cranking, the sound is absolutely bone-chilling. We can’t help but love the note of horsepower that comes from this large and in charge 46′ Skater boat.

As the vessel heads out on Lake Havasu, it isn’t afraid to bring the ruckus. When at full tilt, the engines on board are capable of cranking out 3000 hp which is almost unfathomable when it comes to the water. This thing is certainly moving at a solid clipper as it skates along the surface of the water, making insane speed seem rather effortless.

Down in the video below, TheRidersChannel takes the opportunity to get us up close and personal with this incredible vessel. It’s simply amazing to witness what a little bit lot of money and some incredible engineering can put together. With a boat like this, not only is the person behind the controls going to demand the attention of everybody within earshot. This thing is also going to be an absolute blast to roll around in as it might just be the ultimate lake toy.

When checking in with this one, we have to warn you that it may induce a little bit of drooling. This is one epic machine!


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