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300ft NOVA Wheelstand!

300ft NOVA Wheelstand!

Why are we in the hobby that we’re in? When you think about it, logically it’s difficult to come up with an answer. Getting from one end of the strip to the other seems to be trivial, then when we get behind the wheel a wild adrenaline rush says otherwise. Every time we mat the gas pedal to the floor, we’re reminded of why we spend countless dollars and hours wrenching on our pride and joy.

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This particular Chevrolet Nova owner knows that feeling times 100. When he gets behind the wheel of his classic muscle car and mats the long skinny pedal he pulls the wheels off the ground and has a nice clear view of the sky above. No, he doesn’t just pop the front end up momentarily and come back down as most do. He carries out that aforementioned adrenaline shot out for a full 300 feet on the rear bumper. This is what we’re all about folks, this is why we do what we do. Check out the wicked wheelie in the sensational video below.

The 5.3L turbo Trash Can Nova might just surprise you!

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