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Massive 32-Inch Subwoofer is Downright Mesmerizing to See in Action

In the world of car audio, saying that you can have a loud enough sound system is almost like saying that you can have enough horsepower in the world of gearheads. It’s just not something that’s going to happen! In reality, though, “enough” is never enough. We always find ourselves in the pursuit of something bigger and better. The more decibels, the better! When it comes to competition, every last dB counts! No matter how big and aggressive these things get, they can always get even bigger!

In the pursuit of more bass, this particular enthusiast went above and beyond. He ended up breaking out a subwoofer that’s unlike anything that anyone has ever imagined. Seriously, this thing is beyond a killer attraction. There’s no denying that this setup is absolutely in-your-face. We would expect every last eye to be on this thing during a competition. It is pretty difficult to miss, after all.

This sub looks like it could rattle a house apart. It might jar loose every screw and nail holding together the walls before shattering the concrete foundation into nothing more than rubble.  With 32-inches of diameter, this setup brings some major bump. That might be the understatement of a lifetime. Personally, we have never seen anything like this. It seems like here in America, we tend to do everything bigger. This subwoofer is the perfect example of just that. Just when we thought that a couple of 12-inches were enough, in comes the monster of all monsters.

Check out the video below as Thelifeofprice takes us on a ride and shows off this incredible setup. The only question after watching this one is if they’ll stop growing. How much bigger will subwoofers get? Before we know it, there might even be a speaker that needs its own trailer!

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