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350-Original Mile, Barn Find Datsun Gets First Wash in 44 Years

It doesn’t matter how awesome the car is or how much money it might be worth. All over the world in barns and garages abroad, there are incredibly sought after and expensive machines that have simply been left behind.

The interesting part about these machines is that almost every story is a little bit different. Many people can’t quite wrap their brains around how exactly a rare or exotic car could simply be left to sit in a garage. However, life doesn’t always have a way of explaining itself to us and for a variety of different factors, no car is truly safe from a life of sitting unused.

Now, the question is, for those who come across these cars, what exactly is the first thing that they do when they find them? Well, one natural instinct might be to clean up the machine a little bit to see exactly what’s there. At the end of the day, there are a plethora of different circumstances that could come to life, dictating that the car in question is in better or worse condition. Perhaps, there’s rust underneath that dirt and other times, we simply find a brand new car that’s just a little bit dusty.

This time, we check in with AMMO NYC as he takes us along for the ride of the first cleaning that a Datsun 280Z has seen in 44 years. As the car sits, it has only 350 original miles, making it one that’s certainly a collectible. However, just how good of condition the car is in underneath all of that dirt is yet to be seen.

At first look, it seems like everything is up to par. However, who really knows what’s underneath all of that grime, though? When it comes to cleaning up a car, there’s definitely a good and bad way to get it done. We think that AMMO has the perfect method right at his fingertips.

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