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3500HP Lamborghini Mind Blowing ACCELERATION to 229MPH!

This video from The Racing Channel is a full 11 minutes of badass roll racing from this years TX2K event held at Royal Purple Raceway in Houston, Texas. While the roll racing segment features an array of rides from Audi R8’s to Dodge Vipers, the stars of the show are the insane Underground Racing Lambos, rides built exclusively to scream through the gears and put up huge numbers on top end.

Don’t think for a second the whole 11 plus minutes of action isn’t worth watching, but we know how you guys work, so we did the hard work and found the top speed of the weekend. For those of you who want to see the big number, fast forward to the 8 minute mark in the video and watch as this retina-searing yellow Huracan lines up and drops the hammer on the competition, blitzing the Texas track to the tune of an insane 229 MPH out back.

There are no details about the car other than knowing it’s an Underground Racing build, meaning its rocking a pair of monster turbochargers and a host of supporting hardware to put the horsepower numbers likely north of 3,500. When you unleash all that power on the track and make it stick, the car is several MPH ahead of the next closest car in the competition.

Now that you’ve seen that run, rewind the scrubber back to the beginning and watch the whole video, since TRC puts together some killer intros and brings you all the action from the track.

It’s crazy to see these cars reaching speeds nearing the 230 MPH mark in just over a quarter mile, proving that while they are completely streetable, they are perfectly capable of holding their own on against many purpose-built drag cars that don’t reach these speeds in the same distance. Of course, these cars also cost quite a bit more, but that’s the name of the game in the racing world, whether it be from a dig or from a roll.