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3D Printed Ford Flathead V8 Engine Kit by Night Crawlers 3D

While 3D printing has been around for a while in concept, it seems like only recently the technology has been falling into the laps of the general public and they have managed to make some major headway. Folks have been going above and beyond to show off their abilities with machines like this and this time, we check out something that is incredibly detail oriented that you’re going to want to get a good and close look at.

This time, we check out an entire engine that has been manufactured from scratch thanks to the help of a 3D printer. With nothing more than some good files to help pump out the pieces and the help of the knowledge of exactly how an engine comes together like this, the person behind this beautiful machine was able to get to work to create something that looks just like the real-life version of itself. This thing really sports some detail and, in this video, we’re able to take a ride along with that to see just what it takes to make all of this detail fall into place. Let’s just say that, while YouTube videos might cut out the work and make this kind of stuff look easy sometimes, that’s definitely not always the case.

While the bulk of this video is simply assembline the pieces and maybe brightening them up a bit with some coatings, we know that a ton of effort and time has had to go into making something like this absolutely come to life. If you check out the video below that shows the 3D printed masterpiece as it is assembled, piece by piece, to form a precise miniaturized rendition of the v8 Ford Flathead that it’s based off of, you might just find an all new respect for this kind of construction. What will they think of next?