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4 Wide Rock Bouncer Knockout Racing is Wild!

When it comes to rock bouncer racing, these guys behind the wheel are some of the nuttiest drivers that you will ever lay eyes on, laying into their insanely high-powered machines at full throttle while making their way up hills that have all kinds of bumps and obstacles along the way.

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Powered by – Madram11 

What could be better then watching a driver put themselves and their ride on the line as they push their machine to the absolute limit? Well, if you took four of the screaming buggies and stuck them side-by-side to do battle, I think that would up the anti just a little bit.

This time, MadRam11 is on the scene to capture all of the action as four rigs go at each other’s throats with the aim of being the last machine standing in this four wide rock bouncer knockout racing contest that is must-see entertainment. If you’ve never seen the sport of rock bouncing before, welcome to the circus!

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Check out the video down below that shows off some adrenaline pumping mayhem off of the beaten path. Are you crazy enough to want to hop behind the wheel of one of these high powered machines and go for a spin that you will probably never forget? It might look pretty straightforward but I’m sure that actually being competitive in a race like this takes a lot of courage.