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4 Year Old Drifting Sensation Lila Kalis Makes Her TV Debut!

If you’ve been in the world of wheels, then odds are that you’ve at least heard of the 4-year-old driving sensation that is Speed Society’s own Lila Kalis.

Ever since a time before she could talk, Lila was behind the wheel and ever since day one, Lila has been honing the skills that seem to come incredibly naturally to her to the delight of her dad and basically everyone else who has seen one of her classic videos.

At first, it might not have been too serious, but once dad, Speed Society’s Josh Kalis, saw that she was pretty interested in performance driving, he spared no expense to make sure that she had the right tools at her disposal.

We fast forward to today and Lila’s skills far surpass her age group as you might imagine and she’s now wheeling a Chevrolet Corvette that dad describes as a Power Wheels on a go-kart chassis.

Check out Lila’s first television spot below as we dive into what it is that makes this youngster such a promising driver behind the wheel. Just imagine how her wheel[wo]man skills will look when she finally gets her license.




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